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I was wondering whether any of you magical people could answer a few questions for me for my Uni project?? I've left it far too late and need help desperately

What are your opinions of London?

Is there a particular route you take through London? ie. via famous buildings or monuments?

What is your favourite part of London?

Are there any celebrities that you would like to 'spot' whilst waling around London?

If any one could answer these questions I would be forever ever ever grateful thank you all xxx

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Hallo all,

I'm awfully bored and thought I'd share this with you all


What a beautiful boy he is :D

any way ... How is all ??

I've kind of missed this site .. I come on here sometimes to download stuff from bitsofstephen ... thanks to them by the way .. coz I wouldn't survive with out fry :D

I'm so bored of Myspace right now .. its crap!!! Yet I still manage to go on there EVERY DAY and do bugger all for 3 hours ... I need a job ... seriously ... desperately ...

I'm not very good at blog style websites .. I kind of forget them and leave periods of like 6 months between posts .. so sorry I am so dull ... any way ... darling friends or readers of posts who ever you may be

reader, I'm leaving


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HOUSE .. Oh my god I think I'm dead .. I love it sooo much ... and He just Said my name :D (Esther) and even though it was in an american accent ... it killed me :D I AM DEAD

sorry :D

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did anyone see that who do you think you are with stephen fry???

It bloody killed me ... the man is so cute ... I love him soo much ... seeing him cry like that was so weird ... but I'm proud of him for doing it ... his mum was cute ... I liked her ... his dad didn't say much ... his family was cute too ... and his nephew ... phwooaar ... he was really cute in an oxbrigde kind of way ... aaww.. any way I'm ranting ... but yeah... it was a bloody great programme I can tell you that...


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I know I don't come on here often.. but I felt like a visit... :D I LOVE STEPHEN FRY!!!!

I got the a bit of fry and laurie box set for christmas and I watch it CONSTANTLY... I LOVE IT!!!

sorry any way... I'v missed you people..

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hello all! I'm new!! anyone wanna chat?? I love stephen fry!!


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